Create and collaborate on VFX projects from anywhere, scaling your resources up and down as projects ebb and flow, so you only ever pay for what you use.


Organize Teams

Form a virtual organization and invite collaborators from around the world to work on your projects. Set quotas, control permissions, and monitor usage with Athera’s powerful organization tools.

Flexible Power

Today’s VFX work requires flexibility as well as power. Athera gives you the flexibility to use exactly the tools you need, combined with the power to work efficiently. Every job is different, and with Athera, you can constantly adapt your toolset and hardware between each one.

High Performance

Athera runs on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), the same blazing-fast infrastructure that powers Google Search and YouTube. The service leverages GCP to provide high reliability and scale in response to changing user demand. Athera also makes GCP’s GPU-powered workstations available to artists, which are continuously being upgraded with the latest generation of hardware.

Secure Environment

We take security as seriously as you do. Athera has been architected from the ground-up, with isolated containerized execution environments and encryption of data at rest as well as in transit. Athera has been audited by independent cyber-security experts specializing in compliance with the MPAA content security program. Got a specific security need? Let us know and we can help.



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