Pipeline Control

Athera’s powerful API features open source Python bindings, as well as supporting custom gizmos and commercial plug-ins. Control your studio’s resources by configuring your own quotas, roles, and permissions. Keeps work organized thanks to a dynamic view of your storage specifically tailored to each individual project.


Say goodbye to fragile and expensive cloud rendering: with Athera, rendering jobs start up instantly and reliably without copying your files around. Pick your host application and desired processing power, and benefit from a simple per-node-hour price for as much or as little rendering time as you need.


Upload files straight into Athera, or attach your own source from Amazon, Google, Azure, or Dropbox. Athera’s hot data system provides speedy access to your most frequently-used files. Your data is shared with everyone on your team, anywhere in the world, and detailed access control is provided by group-based permissions.


Launch VFX software on customizable cloud workstations. You only pay for the time that applications are actually running, and you can use your own software licenses, or purchase one through Athera’s store for 30 days at a time. Access your software with a remote desktop client or using a web browser while on the go.

Learn more about Athera in this short video