Workstations at your Fingertips

With Athera, you don’t need to worry about rapidly depreciating hardware or having the right machine for a certain job. Each virtual workstation is tailored to the specific needs of the app that runs on it. You can connect to your virtual workstation in different ways depending on your needs: work over coffee with just a web browser, then switch to a professional experience with Wacom tablets and multiple 4K monitors back at the office or at home.

Organize Teams

Organize your projects, teams, role assignments, quotas and security policies using Athera’s web interface. When you switch between working on different projects, or even between different organizations, Athera will instantly switch all of the associated context as well. You apps and render jobs are always bound to your current context, making everything secure, easy to track, and under control.

Centralize Storage

Athera gives you complete control over your storage. You link your own cloud storage (from Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Cloud Storage, or Amazon S3) to Athera’s high-performance file system. Athera then creates a high-speed cluster of SSD drives to serve everything to your collaborators around the world. You can connect more storage sources, or disconnect them, at any time.

Flexible Access to Apps

Forget about traditional licensing. Athera gives you instant access to the latest versions of high-end production software without any long-term commitments or recurring costs. With Athera, you purchase flexible access to applications and workstations in bite-sized chunks of time. What you spend on software can now much more closely track what your artists actually need and use.

Elastic Rendering Power

Athera redefines cloud rendering. With your infrastructure in the cloud, elastic render farms can instantly crunch data without the fragility and delay of packaging and transferring files.

Pipeline Management

It’s all in the cloud, but your pipeline sees Athera as a familiar Linux environment. Control where storage is mounted, who has access, and even write custom scripts to specify the execution environment. Customize environment variables, plug-in paths, and take special actions based on the app being launched and the active context.

Cost Controls

Athera makes your budgeted costs easier to track and control. Rendering time is purchased like petrol: you’ll never spend more than you purchased, and you can add more whenever required. Because applications, workstations, and servers are all purchased just-in-time, there’s no more need to spread costs between projects.

Secure Environment

We take security as seriously as you do. Athera has been architected from the ground-up with isolated containerized execution environments and encryption of data at rest as well as in transit. Athera has been audited by independent cyber-security experts specializing in compliance with the MPAA content security program. Got a specific security need? Let us know and we can help.

High Performance

Athera runs on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), the same blazing-fast infrastructure that powers Google Search and YouTube. The service leverages GCP to provide high reliability and scale in response to changing user demand. Athera also makes GCP’s GPU-powered workstations available to artists, which are continuously being upgraded with the latest generation of hardware.

Flexible Power

Today’s VFX work requires flexibility as well as power. Athera gives you the flexibility to choose exactly the tools you need, combined with the power to work efficiently. Every job is different, and with Athera, you can constantly adapt your toolset and hardware between each one.

Learn more about Athera in this short video