Athera has two main components:


Athera offers access to professional applications running on powerful cloud workstations. Mix and match a variety of machine profiles with any compatible application, and supercharge your sessions or dial down costs depending on your needs.

(Per 30 days)

Houdini FX
Nukex + CaraVR
Nuke Studio
Katana +
DJV View



(Per hour)

Power Workstation


Athera Compute is a built-in rendering and simulation service. Unlike other cloud rendering systems. Athera avoids the fragility and delay of packaging and transferring files. Select your preferred host application and render and launch jobs across as many nodes as you need.

(Per hour)

Houdini FX
Nukex + CaraVR
Katana +



(Per hour)

Power Render

If you don't use it, you don't pay

The great thing about Athera is that you’re only charged when you’re actually using it. There are no recurring subscription costs. You can scale your usage down to zero and pay nothing during lulls, and ramp back up instantly for your next big project.

Payment Methods

Payment is by credit card. You are charged at the point of sale via an online transaction. For larger projects, alternative forms of invoicing can be arranged: please contact support for more information.

Application Prices

Interactive Apps

entitle anyone in your virtual organization to use the software non-concurrently for 30 consecutive days from the date of purchase. Like all Athera resources, Interactive Apps are purchased up-front and have no recurring fees.

Interactive App Price for 30 Days
Houdini FX $875
Nuke $285
NukeX $625
Nukex + CaraVR $725
Nuke Studio $740
Katana + 3Delight $650
Modo $75
Mari $75
Blender Free
Gaffer Free
DJV View Free
Toolbox Utilities Free

Compute Apps

are purchased by the hour and can be shared concurrently by anyone in your organisation. Run batch workloads, such as renders or simulations, by combining a Compute App with a Compatible App with a compatible Machine Profile.

Compute App Price per Node Hour
Houdini FX $0.75
Nuke $0.20
NukeX + CaraVR $0.40
Katana + 3Delight $0.30
Modo Free

Machine Profiles

Price per Hour

Combine any Interactive App or Compute App with a compatible Machine Profile to power your Sessions. Machine Profile time is bought by the hour and can be shared concurrently by anyone in your virtual organization. Machine Profiles are consumed in proportion to the number of Apps using them at once.

Machine Name Specifications Price per Hour Purpose
Workstation 8 cores / 30 GB RAM / 1 nVidia K80 GPU $1.25
General-purpose VFX workstation
Power Workstation 16 cores / 104 GB RAM / 2 nVidia K80 GPU $2.50
High-purpose VFX workstation
Render Node Preemptible 8 cores / 30 GB RAM $0.25 Interruptible workloads, such as rendering
Power Render Node Preemptible 16 cores / 104 GB RAM $0.40 Heavy interruptible workloads, such as rendering
Simulation Node 16 cores / 104 GB RAM $1.50
Non-interruptible workloads, such as simulation
Power Simulation Node 32 cores / 208 GB RAM $2.50
Heavy non-interruptible workloads, such as simulation
Utility 2 cores / 13 GB RAM $0.25 General utilities, such as Terminal and File Browser